Differences and similarities between The Lotus Eaters and Ulysses.

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The Lotus Eaters and Ulysses
    • Similarity: They both include Ulysses as a man of power
    • Similarity: They both include time seemingly standing still.
    • Similarity: Both include Ulysses as a leader
    • Similarity: both written by Homer
    • Similarity: Both wasting time and contemplating the meaning of life.
    • Similarity: Both have themes of addiction
    • Difference: The Lotus Eaters include different people whereas Ulysses is more like a soliloquey
    • Difference: Ulysses is more negative and depressing whereas The Lotus Eaters shows the exciting side of travel and adventure.
    • Difference: Regret in Ulysses and longing in The Lotus Eaters.
    • Differences: Dynamic vocab in Ulysses and slow paced in The Lotus Eaters.
    • Difference: In Ulysses, Ulysses is boring and unchanging whereas in The Lotus Eaters he is heroic
    • Difference: Drugs in The Lotus Eaters, nothing like that in Ulysses.
    • Difference: Decisions made in Ulysses are made by him whereas in The Lotus Eaters the mariners go against him.
    • Difference: Real world vs. Dream world


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