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    • US politics is broken down into similar groups of class, race and gender, with those from poorer backgrounds, racial minorities and women tending to favour the Democrats in recent years, while poorer, white and male voters tend to vote Republican.
      • Geography is a more prominent factor, owing to the federal nature of elections, the existence of the Electorate College and the fact that regions tend to be more homogenous within themselves and distinct from other areas.
    • The US President has always been elected separately to Congress, so considerations of presidentialism have existed for many years. The fact that the president is elected separately means voters have the option to 'split their ticket', i.e. vote for one party for the president and another for the legislature.
    • The USA has a formal electoral cycle over a 2 year period, which means people are always campaigning, and this is explored by the media. There are few national newspapers and most news is local in focus, with party conventions and presidential debates being exceptional as genuinely national political events.
      • Politicians are free to purchase political advertising, leading to rising costs in electoral styles.
    • Opinion polls are used extensively in the USA to test policies and to move public opinion. Their use and sophistication is far beyond that in the UK and politicians will coordinate events and announcements in order to gain a 'bounce' in the polls.


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