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  • UK/US Parliament Comparison
    • The US Congress is a bicameral legislature.
      • The lower chamber is the House of Representatives, which consists of 435 elected members. The senate, which consists of 100 elected members, is the upper chamber.
        • The two chambers have broadly equal powers.
      • In the UK, only the House of Commons is elected. The unelected House off Lords is politically and legally subordinate.
    • Congress is a policy-making legislature. It can reject or amend proposals from the President, and puts forward legislative proposals of its own.
      • Most proposals come from the President, who has the power of veto - although this can be overridden by Congress.
      • The UK Parliament is a policy-influencing legislature that modifies government proposals but does not propose extensive bills of its own.
    • There is a strict separation of powers in the USA. Members of the executive branch cannot be membersof the legislature.
      • The president cannot dismiss Congress, but Congress can impeach the President.
      • The Us Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war, and the Senate the power to veto appointments made by the President.


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