development of constitution

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  • Development of UK constitution
    • key themes in development
      • Power used to be centralised in the hand of the monarchs
      • The main themes of the development of the constitutional development have been the transferal of power from the monarch  to parliament and an increase of rights for citizens
    • The bill of rights (1689) was then next development and established the ideas that the monarch's power is reliant on the consent of parliament and set up free elections
    • The Act of Settlement of (1701) stated that only a protestant could become monarch and gave control over the line of succession to the throne of parliament
      • Shortly followed by the first of Acts of Unions. This was the basis of all devolution in the UK
    • The 1911 and 1949 Parliament Acts prevented the lords from taking too much power. Delay of lords limited to a year.
    • The 1972 European Communities Act was the piece of legislation that entered Britain in European Economic Community.


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