Outline types of attachment: secure attachment, insecure-avoidant and insecure resistant

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  • Types of attachment
    • Secure Type B
      • Willingness to explore when with mum
      • Infant is distressed on seperation
      • Greets  mother warmly when she is back
      • When with mum than friendly with stranger
    • Insecure - avoidance type A
      • No interest in willingness to explore
      • Little distress when mum leaves
      • Avoiding  mum when she comes back
      • Not  nervous when with stranger
    • Insecure - Resistant type C
      • Doesn't explore at all when is with mum
      • Very distressed when mum leaves
      • Ambivalent when mother returns
      • Child is nervous with the stranger even when mum is there
    • Type D- mix of insecure types A and C


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