attachment types

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  • Attachment types
    • The strange situation
      • Mary ainsworth developed it to investigate the nature of attachment
      • the aim was to see how infants coped under conditions of mild stress
      • separation anxiety, stranger anxiety and reunion behaviour
      • combined all the data from several studies and found 3 attachment types
      • Secure= 66% insecure-avoidant= 22% and insecure-resistant=12%
    • Secure
      • distressed when mother leaves, avoidant of stranger, uses mum as safe base
    • Insecure aviodant
      • no distress when mum leaves, plays normal with stranger around and both can comfort equally
    • Insecure resistant
      • Intense distress when mother leaves, avoids and shows fear stranger and cries and doesn't explore
    • Cultural variations: Van Izjendoorn and Kroonenberg
      • Meta analysis of 32 studies of strange situation, 2000 children.
      • Secure highest in all
      • Insecure avoidant highest in Germany (individualist) 35.3%
      • Insecure resistant highest in Japan (collectivist)


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