Treaty of Versailles- terms and impact

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  • Treaty of Versailles 1919
    • War Guilt
      • Germany had to take full blame for the war
    • Military strength cut
      • -Limited to 100 000 men
      • No heavy artillery
      • Navy limited
      • No air force allowed
      • Rhineland (German land bordering France) was demilitarised.Allied troops were stationed there till 1930
    • Impact of treaty on Weimar Republic
      • damaged German economy
        • heavy reparations so they couldn't start another war
      • Made W.R politically weak
        • treaty so harsh, people resented leaders who signed it
          • Leaders became known as 'November Criminals' - (surrendered in Nov 1918)
          • W.R. linked to defeat, humiliation and weakness
    • Dolchstoss - stab in the back
      • Treaty was unpopular as German people didn't believe their army had been defeated in the war.
        • Army was in retreat in 1918 but not defeated
        • Critics believed army was betrayed by politicians
          • It was 'stabbed in the back'
    • signed- 28th June, 1919
    • Diktat
      • Germans thought they'd be able to negotiate terms of treaty. Allies refused any German representativ-es to join treaty discussions.
      • terms of treaty were imposed, not agreed


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