impacts of ww1

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  • Impact of WW1
      • Coalition government - it was difficult for any one party to achieve overall majority of seats in the Reichstag
      • The fact presidents could rule by decree under the 'article 48' meaning laws could be passed without the reichstag
      • the frequent changes in government made it a weak and often unstable government
      • new government had no choice but to sign the treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919
        • this was a formal punishment for germany for its involvement in WW1. the treaty contained over 440 clauses
          • territorial land terms; lost 13% of land, 6 million citizens
            • military terms; limited to 100,000 men in army
              • financial terms: made to take full responsibility and pay respirations for damage
                • political terms: germany was forbidden to join the league of nations
      • spartastic uprising: establish a communist state - formed a communst party (KPD)
      • kapp putsch: a political uprising, Wolfgang Kapp aimed to form a new right wing with him as chancellor. it ended due to it collapsing
      • munich putsch: hitler and 600 Nazis burst into public meeting it was an overdraw of authority. it was stopped due to the authorities
      • currency massively devalued since 1914.
      • germany could not pay reparations... value of currency was rapidly falling
        • currency massively devalued since 1914.


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