investigating the effect of different concentrations of sugar solution on plant tissue

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  • transport in and out of cells-required practical
    • potatoes can be used to measure the effect of sugar solutions on plant tissue
      • 1. cut some cylinders of potato tissue and measure their mass
      • 2. place the cylinders in different concentrations of sugar solution
      • 3. after about 30 minutes remove the cylinders and measure their mass again
      • if the cylinders  change in mass, they have gained or lost water by osmosis
      • sample method
    • considerations, mistakes and errors
      • the cylinders need to be left in the solution long enough for a significant change in mass to occur
      • before the mass of the cylinders is measured again, they should be rolled on tissue paper to remove any access solution
    • variables
      • the independant variable is the one deliberately changed-in this case, the concentration of the sugar solution
      • the dependant variable is the one that is measured-in this case, the change in mass of the potato
      • the control variables are kept the same-in this case, the temperatures, the length of time the cylinders were left in the solution and the volume of the solution
    • hazards and risks
      • care must be taken when cutting the cylinders of potato


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