Tourism in Thailand

The working condtions of the workers

Economical Factors

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  • Tourism-Thailand
    • Tourism is the route to Development
      • Tourism brings foreign money into the LEDC, along with new investment
      • Big companies build hotels and airports to profit from tourist trade
      • Their are new jobs for people, e.g. in hotels and restaurants
        • local businesses are strengthened
      • there can be a Knock off effect- offer industries start to move the LEDC because the infrastructure has been developed
    • Importance to Economies
      • it increases the income of other businesses that supply the tourism industry
    • Why tourist go to Thailand?
      • Thailand is a tropical climate, which is generally hot and humid
      • Hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches
      • The north is mountainous and tourist can visit hill tribes; whist the city of Bangkok is a bustling city with a dense population
    • Producers
      • Many hotel workers work as maids, porters, cooks, cleaner e.c.t
        • Can be dismissed with out warning due to seasonal jobs if tourist numbers go down. Union leaders are harassed and imprisoned
          • Thai hotel maid earn: £34 a month. this is the national minimum wage; barely enough to live on. their accommodation of the tourist hub means paying higher wages for the necessities
          • The union is- an organisation of workers joined to protect their common interest and improve their working conditions


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