sino soviet split because of personalities?

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  • to what extent was the sino-soviet dispute a product of the personalities of mao and khruschev
    • MAO
      • mao belived he was next in line for communist leader after Stalin
      • saw khruschev as revisionist
      • saw himself as the head of commmunism
      • critical of mao's great leap forward
    • ideological differences
      • khruschev wanted to pursue peaceful coexistence
        • mao was against this and saw Khrus as a lack of commitment to the comm. who had died
      • Mao's great leap forward (1958) and cultural revolution (1966)
        • khruschev repeatedly and openly opposed these
    • national interests
      • taiwan straits crisis (1954 and 58)
        • mao wanted quemoy and matsu
          • sov disliked chinese tactics and the fact it could lead to a sino-US was that the USSR would have to take part in
      • korean war
        • stalin forced mao into sending in troops
        • stalin retained the right to intervene


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