To what extent can the PM control the Cabinet?

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  • To what extent can the PM control the Cabinet
    • PM can control cabinet and undermine/circumvent Cabinet
      • Kitchen cabinets
        • Harold Wilson
      • Patronage
        • Who is in/out  of the Cabinet
      • Bilaterals
        • Meetings between PM
        • Stopped by Gordon Brown
      • Media
      • By passing the Cabinet
        • As Tony  Blair did with the Millennium Dome
      • Sofa Goverment
        • Tony Blair
        • Resolving  issues informally
    • PM and Cabinet are equal + work together
      • PM remains Primus Inter Pares (first among equals)
      • The doctrine of collective responsbility
        • All Cabinet members have to support Government decisions
      • The Cabinet  can turn against PM and overthrow them
        • As with Thatcher
      • Individual responsbility
      • Cabinet policies have to be agreed by all Cabinet members


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