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To what extent does the Prime Minister dominate the political
system in the UK?
The PM is chief policy maker- although this role is shared to some extent
with other ministers, the Cabinet and PM's party, the PM is completely
pre-eminent in making the Government's policy
The PM is head of government- in charge of the "machinery" of
Government- they can create new posts and new departments as well
as abolish them (patronage).…read more

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As well as deciding who shall be ministers the PM is in overall control of
the party's strategy within both houses
The Cabinet has the power to overrule the PM and the PM is limited by
the knowledge that he or she must carry the Cabinet with them (it is
more likely that the Cabinet overrule them at the end of their tenure
then at the beginning)
The ruling party can remove a Prime Minister.…read more

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The PM does dominate it a lot, but they are checks, such as the party or
parliamentary support. Formally they do not, informally they do not, through
influencing and undermining Cabinet.…read more


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