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1) With reference to the source, outline the reasons Gordon Brown gives for proposing that prime ministerial powers be
surrendered or limited.
The people have not been consulted about the exercise of these powers.
The nature of these [prerogative] powers has…

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11) To what extent has prime ministerial power grown in recent years?
Ways in which power has grown:
The growth of the Downing Street `machine' and other sources of independent advice to the Prime Minister.
The growing importance of foreign policy issues which are under the direct control of the…

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Ministers in charge of large departments, such as the Treasury, have their own power bases (BlairBrown)
Special problems may arise under coalition government.
Factors which can enhance control include:
The extent to which cabinet is ideologically united.
The personal popularity of the P.M.
The P.M's dominance of the governing party.…

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P.M. can still be overruled by Cabinet and cannot force policies through powerful, reluctant colleagues.
20) Is the UK Prime Minister now effectively a president?
Arguments to suggest he is a president include:
The increasing use of prerogative powers especially in the field of foreign affairs and war
The growth…


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