to secure these rights

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  • To secure these rights 1947
    • He commissioned a presidents comity to produce a report on the experience of racial minorities in America
      • highlighted enormous problems facing African Americans
    • Lynching
      • 1882-1945 over 300 in 5 southern states
    • Police brutality
      • frankly admitted that racist violence was widespread
        • Barbaric practices: pistol whipping, beating prisoners and dragging them through public areas
          • argued that police used many of these methods to admit crimes they hadn't done
    • Voting rights
      • only 18% of black people in southern states had been able to vote in the 1944 election
        • due to legal obstacles (grandfather clause)
    • armed forces
      • 1/70 black soldiers were promoted as officers whereas 1/7 white soldiers were
      • in the navy 1/5,000 black officers and 1/7 white officers
    • Employment and education
      • 62% working black men employed in low-wage farming jobs
        • only 28% of white men
      • on average black workers received 47 cents and white workers 65
      • Black highschool graduates earned $775 per year
        • whereas white graduates earned $1,107


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