To Kill a Mocking Bird

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  • To Kill a MB. set in 1930. America. Published in 1960s. Harper Lee.
    • Tom robinson, accused of ****.
      • White jury sent tom to prison for life because he was black.
    • Mayella accused tom of ****** her.
    • Scout and Jem read to a morphine addict.
      • Longer they was reading to her the less time she had to take morphine so she died clean.
    • Boo radley. 30 year old man.
      • Got into trouble when a teenager and father locked him in the house.
        • Stabbed his father with scissors.
          • Father died. Lives with older brother Nathan
            • Boo hasn't been seen by the neighbour hood. everyone thinks he is dead.
              • Starts to be nice, sewing jems trousers, wrapped scout up in blanket, stabbed mr ewell when he attacked jem and scout.
    • New friend, Dill comes to the town in summer.
    • Atticus
      • father
        • Accepts black people.
          • Black cook, calpurina but more of a mother figure. has been acceptned in the family.
            • Fights tom Robinsons case.
    • Jem
      • scouts brother
        • older brother
          • Rips his trousers on Boo radleys fence. Boo sews them and folds them up and puts on the fence.
    • Scout
      • girl/ tomboy
        • Main character
          • Learns 4 main lessons.
            • Boo Radley puts a blanket around her when neighbours house on fire.


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