English Mocking Bird

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To Kill A Mocking Bird:


- Change                


-growning up          

-Blakck and White        

-Young and old        




- Through Scout's eyes     

-Changes between adults and childs     

-Beggining introducing characters, leading upto the court house scene      

-opening sentence links to the end of the book (foreshadowing)    


-Flower heads being cut of by Jem, there is a contrast as the flower heads are white and white normally represents hope however they white is being attacked.        

-The whole court house presents a key image, it shows injustace and prejudice.

-The knot in the tree in which Jem and Scout find toys, it shows a mysterious and puzzling image and makes the reader ask how does the stuff get there. this tree is lator then filled in which could suggest hopes and dreams being crushed.        

-Boo Radley's house this towards the children is a place of fear built…


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