To what extent was the Provisional Government doomed to fail from the start (Depth Study 2)

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  • To what extent was the Provisional Gov. doomed to fail
    • Doomed to fail
      • Gov. lacked legitimacy as they were made up of the progressive bloc of the former Duma
      • Dual Aurthority
        • Petrograd Soviet also had power over workers and the armed forces
      • War
        • couldn't withdraw from the war without losing land
          • either option made the populace unhappy
    • Incompetence
      • Didn't solve the peasant land and food problem
        • Peasants had seized land in February, Some peasants and soldiers who had moved back wanted more land.
          • Gov. felt only an elected assembly could deal with this, and only set up inefficient committees
      • June Offensive: 16-18th June
        • Instead of just defending the border, Kerensky encouraged an offensive
          • It failed and 12,000 deserted in one night
        • emphasised the futility of war and made the people very angry at the gov
      • Kornilov Affair: August 1917
        • Brusilov was replaced by Kornilov (an idiot) as commander-in-chief
          • Kornilov moved troops towards Petrograd fearing a left-wing rising (maybe under Kerensky's orders)
            • Kerensky panicked and released and armed the Bolsheviks for help
        • Bolshevik's popularity rose, while the Prov. Gov. looked weak
    • Successful
      • July Days: 3rd-6th
        • Gov and Soviet united against the Bolsheviks who were aiding a large demonstration
          • Called troops back from the front, and 500 Bolsheviks were arrested
      • was only meant to be temporary and their elections did take place in Nov.
    • Conclusion
      • Could've held onto Nov but their mistakes and inability to improve things lead to a revolution


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