How far was WWI responsible for the fall of the Provisional Government (Depth Study 2)

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  • How far was WWI responsible for fall of the Provisional Government
    • Could have succeeded if there wasn't a war
      • Gov. was unlucky to be formed this late in the war when there was a lot of social and economic damage
      • Unlikely Germany would have agreed to an unconditional surrender
      • The war was very costly and the Gov and country felt invested in winning it
      • Had limited support from Britain and France
      • Other challenges like land distribution an rapid urbanisation had to be ignored
    • Doomed to fail regardless of the War
      • Did not see the Gov, as legitimate as the Duma was an extension of the Tsarist regime
        • The Empire was in danger of collapsing
      • Workers had organised and gain power long before the Prov. Gov. It was only a matter of time before they took over
      • Downplays the impact of a Global War on the country


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