To what extent was Cornelia considered a good Roman woman?

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  • To what extent was Cornelia regarded as a good Roman woman?
    • Resilience
      • Praised for telling stories of sons without sorrow
        • Some said she was crazy, Plut says it shows how good education can comfort
      • Rejects Ptolemy's marriage to focus on children
        • So Tiberius made a good choice to die, so Cornelia was a good woman
    • Intelligent
      • Guilt trips Gaius, saying  being a tribune goes against her wishes, do it when she's dead
      • Praised for raising children  - considered 'most gifted' Romans
      • Entertained many at Misenium, learned Greeks
    • State loyalty
      • Didn't change from customary way of life
      • 'Took over' household  woman's role actively
      • Spoke of her sons as if war heroes
        • considered champions of people
      • Bronze statue, to be honoured = loyal


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