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  • Cornelia
    • from a noble family
      • her father was scipio africannus
        • he was a famous roman general who defeated Hannibal
    • she married Tiberius who was an aristocrat (noble)
      • they had twelve children
        • only one outlived their mother
          • she bared her pain nobly and showed stoicism
            • she also showed fortitude
        • two of these included Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus
          • they got into politics and become tritbunes of the people
            • they got involved with land reform and corn distribution
            • Tiberius thought that ti increase the number of small farmers the government should give away some land
              • he wanted to give land from the rich to the poor
                • this created riots in which Tiberius was killed
              • ten years later Gaius Gracchus tried to carry on his work
              • she views her sons as example of fortitude
      • he had been censor and twice consul in rome
        • because of this Scipio offered him his daughters hand in mariage
      • Tiberius once found two snakes on his bed
        • the soothsayer told him this was a bad omen
          • he could not free or kill them both instead he had the choice, if he killed the male one then he would die and if he killed the female then Cornelia would die
            • Tiberius killed the male one because he loved his wife and he thought it was right as he was older
            • Tiberius shortly died
              • Cornelia was left with the hosehold and 12 children
                • when Ptolemy king of Egypt wanted to marry her she refused and she wanted to stay a univira
                • she raised them well and her two sons were said to be the most naturally gifted romans
                  • their virtue was said to have come from their education not their birth
    • she was admired for her virtue, fidelity, and her intelligence
      • she was the ideal roman woman and has been remember for two millennium
      • to show her honour a bronze statue was put up in her honour
        • they honoured her because she was the daughter of a famous general and because she was a unvira
    • sociable
      • had many friends and entertained them
      • Kings would exchange gifts with her
      • she would be able to talk about her sons and their accomplishments without crying
        • Plutarch thinks this was due to her nobility, good birth and education


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