To what extent is the New Right internally coherent?

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  • To what extent is the New Right internally coherent?
    • Society
      • NC
        • Organic society, whole more than parts
      • NL
        • 'No such thing as society' Thatcher
        • Atomism
    • State and Economy
      • Both want free market
      • NL
        • Negative freedom
        • State is realm of coercion and unfreedom
        • Only exist to protect rights
        • Invisible hand Smith, privitization
          • Dynamism and equilibrium etc
        • The free market will discipline
      • NC
        • Authoritarianism
        • Minimal state intervention in economy
        • Strong state for law and order
          • Ascherson 'the trouble with a free market economy is that it takes so many police to make it work'
        • Permissiveness 60s and crime
        • Family institutions to restore order
      • Both think intervention can cause dependency culture
    • Equality
      • NL
        • Equal opportunity to rise and fall
        • Meritocracy
        • You are not fixed in social position
      • NC
        • Burke 'natural aristocracy'
          • Leaders and followers
        • Hierarchy is natural and desirable
      • Neither support equality of outcome
    • Individual
      • NL
        • Resilient, self-seeking
      • NC
        • Psychologically, intellectually and morally imperfect
          • 'Philosophy of human imperfection' O'Sullivan
          • Oakeshott 'boundless and bottomless' sea of abstract thought
          • 'Original sin' T.S Eliot
          • 'Anomie' Durkheim
    • NL draws from Classical Liberalism and NR draws from Traditional Conservatism




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