Unit 1: Threatened UK Habitats - Upland Moorland

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  • Threatened UK Habitats - Upland Moorland
    • Creation
      • Woodlands cleared for fuel and used for sheep grazing
    • Key Features
      • Heather and grass produced by sheep grazing - has great wildlife value
      • Regular burning maintains the moorland plagioclimax
      • Key species include golden eagle, hares, grouse and hen harrier
    • Threats
      • Conversion to 'improved grassland' where a high yield of grass is produced but biodiversity is reduced
      • Afforestation with conifers
      • Reservoir construction
      • Increased visitor pressure
      • Abandonment of grazing or grouse shooting
    • Conservation Measures
      • Maintaining burning cycles
      • Creating public pathways and restrictions
      • Designating protected areas


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