Semi - Natural Habitats

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  • Methods of Habitat Conservation in the UK
    • Semi - natural habitats
      • Farming
        • Grazing: so wildflowers can survive as grazing prevents taller plants (foxgloves) from shading & out -competing the wildflowers
        • Field Boundary Maintenence: hedges act as biological corridors for doormice & provide food for birds
      • Most important in UK - affected by long term human activities
      • Hunting & Fishing
        • Maintenance of cover: cover for pheasants, habitats for animals, nest sites for birds
        • Moorland Burning: maintained for shooting red grouse provide habitats for other specie, hen harriers feed on small birds (illegally killed sometimes because kill young grouse)
        • Fishing: maintained many rivers & lakes & protected them from pollution or development. economic value = many small lakes & development of old quarries into fisheries


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