Threatened habitats in UK 2

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  • Threatened Habitats in the UK
    • Lowland Heathland
      • Plagioclimax habitat usually found on sand & gravel soils. Soils infertile = not been intensively farmed. Low use of fertilisers & pesticides = many wildlife species. Grazing/burning prevent woodland re-establishment= smaller plants such as heather & gorge
      • Threats
        • urban expansion
        • golf courses
        • stopping use of burning
        • conifer plantations
    • Hedgerows
      • Types: Woodland relic hedges - strips of woodland left between fields as woodland was cleared. Rich in plant- life = rich in animal life. Planted hedges - to divide up common land/barriers to keep livestock in. less plant/animals so lower wildlife value
      • Reasons for loss
        • increase in size of fields
        • road widening
        • replacement by fences cause easier to maintain
    • Chalk Grassland
      • Arable farming led to soil erosion, meant crop growing stopped. Used for sheep grazing which prevented woodland.
      • Threats
        • intensive farming with use of fertilisers cause infertile soil
        • urban expansion/road building
    • Hay Meadows
      • Threats
        • silage cutting - cutting during summer  - destroys nests
    • Upland Moorland
      • Heather & grass community of great wildlife value. Regular burning maintains plagioclimax.
      • Threats
        • reservoir construction
        • increased visitor pressure
    • Coasts & Estuaries
      • Threats
        • port developments
        • pollution from rivers
        • pollution from industrial developments such as oil


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