Key Words: Environmental Studies 1.3


Plagioclimax - a community of species that does not develop to a natural climax, but is maintained by external influences like human activites such as burning, grazing or ploughing

Ecotourism - tourism intended to ave a low environmental impact, usually involving seeing wildlife

NGOs - Non-governmental organisations

Natural England - the UK governmental organisation with responsibility for the conservation of wildlife and the landscape

LNRs - Local Nature Reserves

National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act - the UK law that enabled the establishment of National  Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and many public rights of way

Natura 2000 - a network of protected sites in the EU that combine the SPAs and SACs set up under birds and habitats directives

Species Recovery Programme - UK programme to help to increase the numbers of some endangered species

DEFRA - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Biodiversity - a measure of the variety and abundance of wildlife species

BAP - Biodiversity Action Plan

Convention on Biological Diversity 1992 - international conference held in Brazil, often called the Rio Summit

Rio Summit - an alternative name for the Convention on Biological…


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