Unit 1: Threatened UK Habitats - Hedgerows

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  • Threatened UK Habitats - Hedgerows
    • Creation
      • Woodland relic hedges - strips of woodland left between fields (more diverse)
      • Planted hedges - divide land or provide barriers to livestock (less diverse)
    • Key Features
      • Species found usually are woodland species
      • High wildlife value
      • Temporary used by nesting and feeding birds or hibernating insects
      • Available to large numbers of species
      • Act as biological corridors for mice, squirrels, weasels, stoats and dormice
    • Threats
      • Road widening
      • Replacement by fences
      • Damage by vehicles, creating gaps
      • Increase in harmable area and food harvests
      • Ceasing traditional management e.g. hedge-laying
    • Conservation Measures
      • Cutting the stems and bending them over to produce a denser hedge base
      • Encouraging the creation of hedgerows


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