Unit 1: Threatened UK Habitats - Wetlands

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  • Threatened UK Habitats: Wetlands
    • Key Features
      • Many species are permanent residents
      • Others visit to breed or drink e.g. frogs, toads
      • Remain ice-free in winter so are attractive to migrating birds
    • Distribution
      • All over the UK
    • Threats
      • Drainage to produce more productive farmland
      • Urban expansions onto flood plains
      • Excessive recreation pressure
      • Pollution from industry, sewage and agriculture
      • Bank reinforcment to reduce flooding risk
    • Creation
      • Areas of shallow water
      • Examples - lakes, ponds, marshland, rivers and flooded gravel pits
    • Conservation Measures
      • Fencing off areas of wetland to protect from overuse
      • Decreased use of pesticides and fertilisers
      • Nesting boxes to protect nesting birds


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