Cue-dependent forgetting

Cue-dependency theory

Tulving 1975

context and state dependent

encoding specificity principle - more simialr the state or environment are the better recall of memories

tip of the tongue phenomenon - Brown and McNeill 1966


Godden and Baddeley '75 

Schab 1990

Duke et al 2000

Lang e al 2001

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  • Theories of Forgetting
  • State- dependent forgetting
    • being the same emotional & physical state
    • Duke et al 2000
      • 48 P's alcohol or a placebo prior to a list of 40 word pairs
      • tested in 4 ways (a/a p/p a/p p/a)
      • recollection better in the same state
    • Lang et al '01
      • inducing fear - snakes & spiders + learn a list of words
        • better recall in 'scared; than relaxed
    • evidence that place, emotion, senses lead to triggers
  • "the greater the similarity between the encoding event and retrieval, the greater the likelihood of recalling the original memory."
    • encoding specificity principle


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