Theme A: Religion, Relationships + Families

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  • Religion, Relationships + Families
    • Catholic Views on the Family
      • form a community
      • help with the life + personal development of each other
      • take part in development of wider society
      • to be part of the life + mission of the church
    • Different Types of Families
      • Nuclear Family
        • mother, father + children living together
        • common Catholic families
      • Extended Family
        • additional relatives to nuclear family e.g grandparents
        • common in some cultures + religions
      • Other Families
        • single parent
        • same-sex couples with or without children
        • becoming more common in British Society
    • What does a Family Provide?
      • good nurturing environment
      • children are signs of parents love for each other
      • stable + safe place for children to develop
      • opportunity to be mutually supportive
      • parents are the first teachers of their children
      • parents are role models - providing moral guidance
      • new life (procreation)
      • encouragement for their children to become independent + respectful
      • love + care
    • Paul's letter to the Ephesians
      • 'Wives be subject to to your husbands' - wives should show their love by doing what their husbands ask
      • 'Husbands, love your wive, just as Christ loved the church' - husbands should love their wives so much they would be prepared to die for them
      • 'Children, obey your father and mother' - children should honour their parents by obeying them as God's command
      • 'fathers, do not provoke your children to anger' - fathers should show love + kindness to children so they bring them up in the Christian faith
    • The Dignity of Work in the Home
      • traditionally, the important role of the mother is to look after husband + children
      • traditionally, fathers role is to provide for the family + teach by example
      • Catholics regard men + women as equal by contributing different qualities to provide stability in the home
      • gender equality has led to traditional roles sometimes being shared or switched
    • Families with Single or Same-Sex Parents
      • Catholic Teaching
        • procreation should take place between a married couple
        • single people are not encouraged to become parents
        • the Catholic church teaches that children need a mother + father so are against same-sex
      • Parenthood in Britain
        • growing acceptance of single parent families or same-sex partners
        • same-sex parents say its the love between them and their child that matters
    • The Creation of Men + Women as Equals
      • Genesis 2 - woman was created from the bone of a man, but only together are they the full form of a human being
        • they are two equal parts that complement + complete each other
      • Paul taught men + women are equal - 'there is no longer make and female, for all of you are on in Christ Jesus' - Galatians
    • The Importance of Women in the Bible
      • Jesus always treated women with respect
      • Jesus' teachings about divorce + adultery applied the same standard to women as to men
      • New Testament - Mary = mother of Jesus who showed obedience
      • Mary Magdalene = first to announce Jesus' resurrection
      • Old Testament - Ruth - saved the Jews from the Persians
    • The Importance of Men in the Bible
      • Roman Empire was male dominated + Christians had to be careful about challenging the structure of society
      • most of the event recorded in the Bible are about men
      • Jesus chose 12 male apostles
      • the first missionaries + leader of the Church were men
    • Catholic Teaching on Equality
      • Mulieris Dignitatem
        • 'the personal resources of femininity are certainly no less than the resources of masculinity' - the attributes of a woman are as important as that of a man
        • 'they are merely differnt' - equality is not the same as uniformity
      • Catechism
        • 'he created them to be a communion of persons' - it was God's deliberate choice to create men + women as a pair
        • 'in which each can be 'helpmate' to the other' - men + women have equal roles supporting each other + are designed to care for each other
      • Contrasting views
        • some disagree with men + women having different roles as treating women as equals means allowing them equal opportunities (e.g. only men can be priests)
        • men + women are capable of fulfilling the same roles including the roles in the home
    • Catholic Teachings on Gender Discrimination
      • it devalues a person
      • it can be hurtful + damaging
      • support should be given to women
      • it stops the use of God-given talents
      • certain roles belong to one gender or another
      • men + women should receive equal pay for equal work
      • Pope Francis said 'They have the same rights'


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