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The Media, Marriage And 7
Family Life
how different forms of media deal with issues of
marriage and family life
·Understandhow they reflect a range of different views on
marriage and family life
·Express your own opinion on how the media deals with matters…read more

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Here is this weeks TV listing:
1. Try and identify programs that appear to be about, or have in them,
storylines that involve marriage, divorce, sex outside marriage, family
life or contraception
2. Make a list of all famous people that you have heard about who has
gotten married or divorced recently. On your list put a cross besides
any story that you think might have been exaggerated to try and make
it more popular. What features of a report makes it more interesting?…read more

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Marriage and Media
A marriage is...
1. The formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law,
by which they become husband and wife.
2. A relationship between married people or the period for which it lasts
Love, marriage and divorce are popular topics with all
forms of the media because they are apart of
everybody's life. Soap operas, films and news paper
headlines all record stories that reflect the joys of
sorrows of relationships…read more

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How Do You Feel When Looking At
These Photos?
com/watch?v=rH2nNt1s5pk…read more

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Marriage in films
`East is East' is a film about a Pakistani Muslim chip-shop
owner who lives with his white wife and seven children in a
terraced house. The children rebel against his strict approach
and his insistence that they are brought up as Muslims and
submit to a traditional arranged marriages but his own lifestyle
does not see a good example for them. It is comedy but could
raise issues about family life.
Here is the outline of the movie East is East:
Some recent films that cover the issues of marriage and the family deal
with difficulties that can arise for Muslim teenagers in Britain. In the
film ` every good marriage begins with tears' the director explores
the concerns of both traditional Muslim family members and some of
the anglicized (difficulty speaking in English) children…read more

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Every Marriage Begins With Tears
East London Muslim girl Shahanara is changing from pink hot
pants into a sari to meet her husband at the airport. She has
only met him once before, when she was married in a union
arranged by her Bangladeshi family. Shahanara only agreed to
the marriage to try and heal old wounds with her father, who
had banished her from her family for her Western ways.
Meanwhile her devout Muslim sister Hashnara is being
groomed for her own arranged marriage, something that at 19
she does not feel at all ready for. Filmed by a close friend of
the family this film explores universal theme of love and the
conflicts between first and second generations of a British
Bangladeshi family. (Winner RAI Film Prize 2007).…read more

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