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    • Religious beliefs on the nature of family
      • Same-sex parents are people of the same sex raising children together
        • children should be raised by a man and a woman so that the child has a role model of each sex
          • Others believe that us it more important for a child to be raised in a loving home regardless of gender of parents
        • “Do not have sex with a man as one does with a woman”
      • The role of parents and children
        • Christian parents teach their children to pray and raise them in their faith. Some will send their children to a religious school to be taught the tradition of Christianity. Teach them right from wrong and pass on values like generosity. They teach them how to form loving relationships.
        • Muslims parents also rais them in their faith. They teach them how to pray, keep halal food laws and live a good Muslim life. They support children by finding them a suitable marriage partner. Also send them to a madrassah to learn to read the Quran in arabic
        • Children must respect their parents “honour your mother and father”
      • Polygamy can not be performed legally in the uk as it it bigamy.
        • There are many examples of polygamy in the bible but monogamy for life was created at the beginning
        • Allow it with the consent of the first wife but only if the husband can support and love each wife equally
      • There are many types of families in Britain the nuclear family, step family and extended family
        • Extended families are common and the entire family group looks after the child and provides for each others welfare. they pass on their religion, customs and traditions of the society to the next generation
          • Christians must “love one another”. It is in the family that a child learns to love
        • Extended families are common in Islam as it is the basis of Islamic society, part of gods plan for humanity
        • Muslims care for elderly  parents with kindness and respect because they did for them when they were young “your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age while with you”
    • Beliefs about artificial contraception
      • The Roman Catholic Church is against artificial contraception because married couples should “transmit human life” by having children. They view it as abortion but they do allow natural contraception.
      • The Anglican, Methodist and other churches favour contraception as it helps a family to plan in a responsible way
      • Some view it as wrong because the Quran days conception is allahs will.


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