Economy during War

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  • The War Economy
    • Between 1939-41 German expenditure doubled. Productivity still below enemies.
    • Failure of the 4 year plan- german labour force not mobilised for war. only 55% workforce involved. couldn't keep up with Britain-Goering brought disappointing results.
    • Todt-1930 appointed as minister. production began to rise but had to battle against Gauleiters,4 year plan office and economic ministry.
    • Speer appointed feb 1942.TURNING POINT in War establishment economy.
      • Used Hitlers authority to implement programme-'Industrial Self Responsiblity' 1943- Navy 1944 took over Luftwaffe and was in charge of all war production.
        • Good- increased production by 59% by 1942.  Shift working-increased production.   Foreign labourers- SPEER INPRISONED-20 YEAR SENTENCE-LABOURERS WORKED TO DEATH-SPEER ARGUED HE WAS NOT TO BLAME.
        • Bad-Hitler wouldn't agree to women factory conscription.   Slave labour-bad conditions/ disease. American bombing reduced production.
    • Shortages of raw materials-coal/oil.


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