Impact of the war in the USSR

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  • Impact of the war in the USSR
    • Political
      • Women membership of the Communist Party rose - 18.3%
      • Party became more education and less 'working class'
      • 75% of the Party joined the war effort
        • Party membership grew
      • Party had younger, more professional members during the war
      • After the war, Stalin took back all power
      • GKO - ensured that Stalin had 'all power and authority of the State'
      • Stalin became more of a dictator - ruling with an iron fist
    • Economy
      • Loss of men - reduced number of workers - agriculture suffered
      • Farms had been destroyed following the Scorched Earth Policy
      • USSR spent 38.7 billion roubles on the defence industry by 1944 - 17.9 billion roubles on military services
      • Soviet war economy meant the economy after the war was very imbalanced
    • Social
      • Mass patriotism following the Soviet vistory
      • Huge loss of soldiers - 1/5 of the pre war population had been lost
      • About 20 million Soviet men died
      • The people became more supressed
      • Returning soldiers sent to gulags
    • Historiography
      • "For the Soviet people, the post-war period was even more difficult than the war period" - Peter Kenez
      • "Was all the more disappointing for a society expecting some reward for wartime sacrifices and victories" - Christopher Reid


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