13. Government and economy and its links to Native American civil rights

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  • Government and economy and its links to Native American civil rights
    • Decline in economy: lack of support for NAs
    • During periods, NAs suffered further decline in position
      • Clear indication of how they were viewed by gov
    • Pre-1865, when gov had established reservations as it attempted t secure land to west of Mississippi, failed to provide aid to NAs
      • Funding stretched because of cost of Civil War
      • Problem made worse as many officials responsible for ensuring aid reached reservations were corrupt
    • Situation in late 1880s, when meat subsidies to Sioux were stopped because gov had other financial demands during time of economic decline
      • In these cases, it was their lives, not just their civil rights, that weren't  protected
    • Similar situation also seen during WW2 reversing gains made during ND
      • NAs still left on reservations found finacial resources were instead allocated to war effort
      • Made worse at end of war when Japanese Americans, many of who were American citizens, were forcibly moved to live on reservation lands alongside NAs
    • Lack of available funds and attitude of Ronald Reagan in 1980s also limited gains made during presidencies of Nixon and Ford in previous decades
      • Programmes introduced depended on federal funds, economic decline meant it was reduced
      • Only reinforced by Reagan's attitude as he believed in native capitalism


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