The Seven Main Language Frameworks

Spider Diagram on the seven main language frameworks/linguistic frameworks

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  • The Seven Main Language Frameworks
    • Lexis
      • Linguistic term for vocabulary
        • Divided into word classes-also called parts of speech e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives
    • Semantics
      • The study of how meaning is created through words and phrases
        • The meaning can sometimes be explicit and sometimes be implicit
          • Explicit: the word's obvious meaning e.g. red is a colour
          • Implicit: what the word is associated with e.g. red is associated with danger
    • Grammar
      • The system of rules that govern how words and sentences are constructed
        • Three parts to this: 1) word classes; 2) syntax; 3) morphology
          • 1) A system that groups words into classes e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives
          • 2) System of rules which determines how these words function in relation to eachother
          • 3) The individual units which make up whole words
    • Phonology
      • Study of sounds-how they're produced and how they're combined to make words
        • Features of spoken language include pace, stress, rhythm and intonation
    • Pragmatics
      • How social conventions, context, relationships and personality would influence someone's language
        • For example, how you address people shows level of formality-addressing a friend differently to a teacher
    • Graphology
      • The study of the appearance of the writing and the effect it has on the text
        • Analysing graphology includes typeface, positioning of text in relationship with other text and images
    • Discourse
      • Extended piece of spoken or written language
        • Made up of one or more utterance (in spoken language) or more than one sentence (in written language)


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