The Role Of Education by Marxists

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  • The Role Of Education by Marxists
    • What Is Marxism and what do they believe
      • Marxism is a conflict view that believes society is based on exploitation and class divisions.
      • They believe there are two classes, the ruling class (bourgeoisie) and the subject class (proletariats).
      • They think that the capitalist class own the factories and land and choose to make profit through exploitation of the proletariats.
      • Social Institutions such as education help reproduce class inequality and play an ideological role, persuading working class people that inequality is justified and acceptable.
      • Marxists believe that educations main function is to reproduce the inequalities in the capitalist economic society.
    • Marxist  sociologists and their theroies.
      • Bourdieu
        • He agrees with other Marxists beliefs about education and that it creates a culture of failure. Meaning without question working class stay with dull work.
      • Louis Althusser
        • He believes that education is the same as other state apparatus which reproduce class based inequalities.
          • The point of this is that the working class sons and daughters stay in the working class.
      • Bowles and Gintis
        • Argue there is a close relation between social relationships in the workplace and education.
          • This operates through HIDDEN CURRICULUM- this helps create a subservient workforce and creates and acceptance of hierarchy.
      • Willis
        • Willis disagrees with the thought of docile workers by Bowles and Gintis.
        • He says lads create subcultures which disagree with meritocracy and challenges the schools dominant values
        • However he agrees with Bowles and Gintis that they end up in dead end jobs


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