The Rise of The Nazis

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  • The Rise of The Nazis
    • April 1925 the ** was formed. They were the blackshirts, distinguishing from the brownshirts
      • They began as Hitler's private police and later became government militia
    • On 4th July 1926 the Hitler Youth was formed.
      • The party had had a youth section since its start but the Hitler Youth was directed towards the SA and producing viable soldiers.
    • On the 20th August 1927 the first annual Nazi conference was held. It is now known as the Nuremburg Rally.
    • Electoral Success
      • When Hitler was in prison the NSDP seats dropped to 14 from 32.
      • In 1930 The Nazis gained 18.3%  of the vote (107 seats); this made them the second largest party in the Reichstag.
      • In May 1928 the Nazis only gained 12 seats. This was 2.6% of the vote.
      • In July 1932 230 seats (37.3% of the vote) went to the Nazis
      • In November 1932 the Nazis gained 196 seats (33.1% of the vote)
      • 30th January 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor by Hidenburg


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