Nazi party reorganisation

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Rise in Nazis after 1923


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Rise in Nazis after 1923

1924: Hitler is released in Dember. Nazi party in chaos. Golden Years. Hitler needs to rebuild the party and re-establish power

1925: Promises to work with the Weimar, Ban on the part lifted. Decides to achieve power legally

1926-1928: Speech at Bamberg restores Hitlers authority and maps out electoral startegy of getting power properly. Party is organised but remains small due to political/economic stability. But agriculture problems is a Hitler advantage

1930: Propelled into power. Collapse of the coalition in March. General election Nazis win 107 seats, increase in votes. Use propaganda/SA:exploit growing insecurity of the voters with great skills,to target different groups(election tactic) Joeseph Goebbels:use of posters/leaflets. Hitler constantly attaks failures of Weimar Republic/weaknesses. Impact of depression: use it to exploit feeling

1932: Elections July 230 seats/November 196 seats,loose votes. Marches,parades,public meetings,posters. Portrayed Hitler as the candidate to save Germany. Goebbels(Propoganda Minister) to target specific groups. Built up supporters 1930-32. Blow for Nazis lost seats:no sufficient money for a dynamic electoral campaign.

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