Cause of Weimar Collapse

The causes of the Weimar Collapse

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Cause of Collapse of Weimar

  • The Depression
  • Rise of extremists parties
  • Structural weakness in the Constitution
  • Difficulty for large numbers to accept Versailies
  • Economic
  • Political
  • Role of Nazis
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Cause of Collapse of Weimar

  • The Depression: Wall street crash resulting in America wanting there money back, poverty, unemployment, Agriculture/businesses suffer. helps the Nazis to launch new policies. 107 seats in 1930 elections
  • Rise of extremists parties: Rise of communism and Nazism. 1928 only 12 seats then 4 years later Hitler becomes Chancellor.1930 Nazis have 107 seats, Communists 77 seats
  • Structural weakness in the Constitution:Proportional Representation, Article 48
  • Difficulty for large numbers to accept Versailies: New democracy blamed for the treaty, Dolchstoss myth
  • Economic: Wartime deficit,post war problems, impact of reparations, Hyperinflation, reliance on short term loans, effects of wall street crash
  • Political: Bruning's willingness to rule by decree, communism fears
  • Role of Nazis:Electoral success in 1932, hitler's eye on main prize, continued Nazi electoral professionalism
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