Pillars of Tsarism

The pillars of Tsarism:

Secret Police

Russian orthodox church




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  • The Pillars of Tsarism
    • Secret Political police
        • Not a large organisation (about 50000 of them in 1914
    • Bureaucracy (civil Service)
        • Numerically small in relation to the countrys size
        • Had  a reputation for being slow moving, inefficient and corrupt
      • Role
        • To implement and enforce government policies
    • Army
      • Role of the army
        • To fight foreign but also suppress Russia`s popular discontent by force.
      • Weaknesses
        • Officers disliked role of suppression of internal discontent. Soldiers badly paid and poorly treated by officers
    • Nobillity
      • 1.8 million nobles in 1897 including ennobled bureaucrats and landowners. Landowners played an important part in maintaining order in the countryside
      • Weaknesses
        • After emancipation of serfs in 1861 influence waned although government tried to revive it.
    • Russian Orthodox Chruch
      • Nominally had millions of adherents
      • Weaknesses
        • Not Deeply respected. Associated with Tsarism - priests ordered to preach bedience to the Tsar led to unpopularity


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