How was tsarism saved in 1905?

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  • How was Tsarism saved in 1905?
    • Fear
      • Upper classes stayed loyal through fear of losing power to peasants and middle classes
      • Struve (a Kadet) - "Thank god for the tsar, he has saved us from the people"
    • Concession
      • Gave away absolute power with Duma
        • Took back power with the Fundamental law
      • free speech
      • majority of people accepted concession
      • directly caused divisions
    • Repression
      • army made sure through arrest and violence that people stayed loyal
    • Division
      • Liberals
        • Octoberists: support and accept manifesto
        • Kadets: keep opposing against the tsar
      • Divide and Conquer- easier to split up opposition groups and get majority on your side
      • Other opposition groups were too diverse- worked against them
    • Support
      • Witte
        • Negotiates truce, manifesto
      • Upper class
      • Loyal army-repressed mutiny of battleship potemkin
      • Okrahna


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