The Parliament Bill

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  • The Parliament Bill
    • The people's budget
      • Needed for reforms
      • Passed by HoC, rejected by HoL
      • Lords interfering in financial matters
      • Stopping the Liberals from achieving reforms
    • The Third Home Rule Bill
      • Needed to sort out Irish problem
      • Passed by HoC, rejected by HoL
      • Lord worried about losing their money and privileges in Ireland, loyal to the protestant minority there
      • Lords stopping Liberals sorting out  major problem in the UK
    • Make the country more democratic
      • Reducing power of Lords = more power to the Commons who are elected
        • Lords can no longer stop bills, only delay them
      • Country becomes more democratic
        • The people are more in charge
          • Can decide fate of country through elections
    • The House of Lords was made up mainly of Conservatives


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