The build up to Civil War 1640-1642

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  • Long Parliament, Nov 1640
    • The build up to Civil War 1640-1642
      • Charles' Mistakes Dec 1641 - Jan 1642
        • Appoints Thomas Linford as Governor of Tower of London = shows willing to use force, backs down when there is an outcry (weak)
        • FIVE MEMBERS CASE, JAN 1642 =King arrives at Parliament with 400 armed men, demanding the arrest of five of his leading critics. Shows willing to use force, goes against Parliamentary Privilege and loses some support.
          • Led to MILITIA ORDINANCE, March 1642 = Charles has left London and moderates are drumming up support, radicals left in Parliament push it through
    • AIMS OF MP's = punish king's ministers, limit King's prerogative, reform church away from Arminiasm, establish regular Parliaments AIM'S OF KING = gain finances for Treaty of Ripon
    • ACT OF ATTAINDER, 1640 = used to impeach Wentworth, James did it to ensure safety of his children
    • TRIENNIAL ACT - Established when Parliament would meet ACT AGAINST FORCIBLE DISSOLUTION - Parliament would be dissolved only when they saw fit


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