The Nuclear Arms Race 1949-1962

A mind map on the Nuclear Arms Race between 1949 and 1962.

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  • The Nuclear Arms Race 1949-62
    • American nuclear monopoly lasted until 1949
      • After 1949 conventional forces became largely irrelevant
    • NSC-68
      • Having nuclear weapons in two nations may act as an incitement to war, not as a deterrent
      • 1950
      • Truman's National Security Council
    • After Stalin's death in 1953, the USSR saw nuclear weapons as the key to peace
    • US 'Massive Retaliation'
      • NSC-162/2
        • 1953
        • Stalin's death didn't change the likelihood that Soviet Union would conduct a nuclear attack against the US
      • Need to develop a 'strong military posture'
        • Meant to keep economic cost of defence down
        • Served as a deterrent policy making the USSR believe that any nuclear attack would be met with an extreme nuclear response
    • Sputnik
      • October 1957
      • Soviet- first satellite to orbit Earth
      • USA thought it showed a clear Soviet advantage in the arms race
        • No known defence against a nuclear attack from space


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