the main components of a computer

the main components of a computer.  information for the other mind map.

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  • The main componenets of a desktop
    • Central Processing Unit (CPU) - processes the raw data and turns it into information.
    • Main/internal memory - are chips inside the computer where data is held and can be accessed by the computer.
    • Motherboard - is the central circuit board of the computer that contains all the electronic components.
    • Sound card - an electronic circuit board that enables high quality sound signals to be produced.
    • Video card - an electronic circuit board that allows the production of graphics on screen.
    • Input devices - are devices that are under the computer and input data for processing (commands, raw data).
    • Output devices - are devices that give the results of processing the data by the computer.
    • Secondary or backing storage - is any storage that is not memory. (e.g. optical drives(CD or DVD), flash pen).


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