Backing/secondary storage devices and media

Backing/secondary storage devices and media

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  • Backing/ secondary storage devices and media
    • backups and the reasons for taking them - backups are copies of data. using a file server and storing both programs and data on it, means that backups can be taken in one place. they should be held on removable devices/media. The person in charge of the network will take the backups needed.
    • Backing/ secondary storage devices - the devices are the hardware that take the data and store it in storage media. backing/ secondary storage devices aew used for the taking of backup copies
    • Magnetic cartridges - use reels of magnetic tape in a hard plastic. are used for backing up large amounts of data for security purposes. have huge storage capacities and are ideal for taking daily and weekly backups.
    • Magnetic hard disk drives - the main form of backing storage on a computer. hard drives consist of a series of magnetic coated disks and a series of read/write heads that put the data onto or record it off each surface.
      • a very high transfer rate and a very high storage capacity. additional hard drives can be bough. these are called portable hard drives.


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