The King's Great Matter summary

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  • The King's Great Matter + The Henrician Reformation
    • 1. Succession no male heir- longevity       Tudor dynasty  Fame, glory, mortality- can't be achieved
    • 2. The legality of the marriage to Catherine Incurred God's wrath- no fruit (cursed)   Bessie Blount - Henry Fitzroy= Duke of Richmond
    • 3. The bible and divorce: leviticus Cp.20Vs 21 They will be childless Tantamount= equal Mary Amateur Biblical  Scholar defender of the faith- Defence of the 7 sacraments 1521
    • 4. Arguments against divorce annulment from Pope? Contradicting Bible  Remarried
    • 5. The Book of Deuteronomy Chapter 25v5 Context different Marriage is supported Counterargument
    • 6. The Papal Dispensation Pope Julius II 1502 dispensation special allowance HVIII- asks Arthur dies
    • 7. Catherine of Aragon opposition Nephew Charles V- power Refused Arthur Marriage never consummated 1427 sacking of Rome
    • 8. Anne Boleyn Contribution Niece of Howards- 1523 Present at Court- France Leviticus irrelevant    Love letters to Anne- gushing   Refuses to sleep with him- doesn't want be like the sister
    • 9. Continuing Stalemate- divorce 29-32 Wolsey fell from power couldn't get divorce- died 30        Thomas Cromwell- humble, taught by Wolsey  Bishiop Fisher of Rochester    More= chancellor   Fall from Grace- Lord chancellor/ prime minister
    • 10. Limited impact of the Reformation Parliamen


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