An Inspector Calls

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  • Arthur Birling
    • exhibitionist, unchaste , all-knowing
      • "Finchley told me its exactly the same port your father gets from him"
      • "Now, Arthur, I don't think you ought to talk business on an occasion like this"
      • "Ignore all this pessimistic talk"
    • pompous , arrogant , self-conceited
      • "it makes speech more difficult"
      • "well-this is very nice"
      • "unsinkable"
    • Self absorbed , opinionated , self assured
      • "you'd think everybody has to look after everyone else , as if we were all mixed up together like bees in a hive"
      • "very good chance of knighthood"
      • "that'll stop me from giving you good advice"
    • Defiant , defensive, welcoming
      • "look- there's nothing mysterious- or scandalous"
      • "I don't understand why you should come here"
      • "Sit down, Inspector"
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