An inspector calls quotes and characters mindmap

quotes with explanations on the different characters in AIC. Its big but boring...

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  • AIC quotes
    • Mrs Birling
      • 'girls of the class'
        • Low opinion of lower class
      • husbands 'social superior'
        • More upper class than her husband but as a women she is susposed to be less
      • 'children'
        • Treats their kids as young
      • 'duty'
        • to refuse to help the lower class
      • 'ridiculous airs'
        • believes Eva using her name is too boastful of her and making excuses to not accept responsibilty
    • Eric
      • 'Suddenly guffaws'
        • Socially awkward
          • alcholic
            • 'Suddenly guffaws'
              • Socially awkward
                • alcholic
        • 'half shy, half assertive
          • 'I'm ashamed of you'
            • ashamed of his parents' attitude
          • 'Why shouldn't they try for higher wages'
            • sympathy for lower class
          • 'We did in her in alright'
            • accepts responsibility
        • Gerald
          • 'too manly to be dandy'
          • 'man about town'
            • He is an aristocrat, more upper class than the birlings
              • 'too manly to be dandy'
          • 'young and pretty'
            • his views on Daisy/Eva
              • 'intensely  grateful'
          • 'intensely  grateful'
        • Inspector
          • ' one person, one line of enquiry at a time'
            • Systematic
            • 'Solidity and Purposefulness
          • 'Solidity and Purposefulness
          • ' We are all responsible for eachother'
            • Voice of J.B Priestly
          • There are millions of John Smiths and Eva Smiths'
            • treat everyone equally
          • 'One body'
            • Socialist beliefs


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